We are expanding to Hungary!

We are looking for a partner who will become
a CEO of our Hungary branch.

Your responsibilities

1st stage :

At the beginning of our journey in Hungary you will need to take care of some back-office tasks like organizing translations, preparing documents and learning basic things about our company.

You will be responsible to get first clients for our services in Hungary. But do not worry, we got you covered — we have a proven method of getting clients. We run FB/IG ads and only then we contact already interested clients.

2nd stage :

We are aiming to build a team of 20+ people. You will be responsible for finding talents and training them.


At this point we will start creating and providing even more services as well as entering other markets.

Just casual stuff like motivating, thinking about everything, helping everyone, etc. — normal routine of a CEO of an IT company 🙂

What we require from you?

*IMPORTANT! We strongly believe that there are way more important factors to take into account while looking for a long-time partner than experience, that is why we do not require experience at all. You can be 20~ years old with no experience and still have a chance. So if you match all of the above expectations, scroll down 🙂

What do we offer?

*Shares will be given after you prove yourself and reach certain goals

What now?

Apply now!

This is probably one of a life-time opportunity. Do not waste it!