Our brand

Our Origin

Wacademy began like any other web design company yet, when we found it tough to discover the right employees to join our team, we decided to take a radical new approach.

We started running WordPress design and development courses with the goal of hiring the best-performing participants. Not only were we blown away by the quality of work by our brightest students – we also noted they performed even better when focusing on a real project.

A lightbulb moment had occurred and so we launched W Academy, a movement to find real projects for our students to create incredible sites and e-stores while building their portfolio and gaining essential industry experience.

Our global family

Our academy unites IT professionals
and students from 11 countries

Our goal is simple: to provide the easiest possible route for you to kickstart and maintain your online presence.

We are a team of dedicated and passionate professionals working together to create the best possible results for our client.

We listen, give advice and learn constantly.

We are the ultimate website/e-shop building tool yet go one step further, offering the human touch and ambition that sets us apart from other offerings in the field.


“In a perfect world, every individual should have access to quality digital education.”

– Gediminas Jankauskas, Founder of Wacademy

Access to education is the lifeblood of advancement, and we at Wacademy are driven by a simple mission: to help young website designers gain invaluable industry experience while they use their incredible skills to build the future of the web.

Welcome to Wacademy, the easiest route for you to elevate your online presence.

We are a team of skilled professionals multitasking project managers, ingenious designers, IT gurus and knowledge-hungry students. We treat every new project as our magnum opus and pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the absolute best.

You can confide in us to create a website for you that is far from a simple template. Why? Because behind every website there is a human, just like you, striving to get the best results. Wacademy goes one step further by championing this human touch and channelling it into our uniquely inspiring creations.

We will listen and we will give advice, if needed. Your project deserves nothing less.

LAst year results: 2021

150+ students enrolled in our courses in the last year

20 of last year’s enrolled students have joined our company full-time

More than 300 of our client
sites have been built by our amazing students

We are so proud of
our international family, which grows more every day

Your Future

Wacademy provides brands with a uniquely valuable opportunity to gain a new website or online store and evolve their online presence while contributing to the success of the brightest future minds.

We help the next generation of website designers and social gurus gain industry experience while overseeing their work to ensure you are delighted with your new online presence.

Our dedicated team requires minimal info to bring your vision to life, guarantees leading-edge professional and modern design work, and delivers you full site ownership upon completion. 

Best of all? Wacademy’s service is 100% free – save thousands and only cover the subsequent site hosting costs!


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