Do you create websites for free? How is this possible?

Yes. WAcademy is a TOP school for advanced web designers who seek to excel in their field and get work placements right after graduation. We help them get real-world experience and build a portfolio of examples by accepting applications for free websites from business owners like yourself. You get a free website, and the student gets more experience. Quality control is guaranteed by dedicated project managers and the students’ professors. We’re also sponsored by Getspace — a partner who provides us with the latest tools and next-generation testing environment to make your websites perfect.

First, you need to prepare all the needed resources for website:

  • domain name, 
  • hosting. 

Hosting has to be purchased from our partner – premium web hosting provider Getspace — we’ll include their fee in your website’s running costs (it’s less than 30 eur per month). They have top-quality servers that guarantee fast loading times and high-security standards. 

If you already have a domain name you can use it, or register with our partner Getspace or any other provider.


After you prepare all the resources, you will need to provide content for your website through our interactive project form:

  • Website structure (an outline of the pages you want to have, site menu, etc.)
  • Copy (text content)
  • Any media you want us to use (logos, pictures, videos)
  • Features (Google maps, contact forms, etc.)

If you don’t have these yet — don’t worry. Your dedicated project manager will help you get prepared.

You can send us the content in up to 21 days.  This way we can ensure that we will be able to deliver website on time. In case you can’t do it on time just let us know and we will find you a new student. Keep in mind that this will delay the whole project until we will find a new student.

We will send you a brief and you need to add everything you want (text, comments, examples of websites you like, etc.) inside of it. This way all the students will get the same format.

That’s completely fine. We can help you select media from various free sources, such as unsplash.com — a free directory of beautiful pictures fit for commercial use.

A hosting service represents a place on a server connected to the internet where you could upload the website files, to be available for your clients or readers.

Note: A storage cloud service(as Google Drive or iCloud) cannot be used to host your website files.

 A domain name is a web address you can buy, if available. An example of a domain name is google.com or yourfavoritechoice.com. It costs around 10 euros per year and is required to publish your website.

Note: Our advice is to get a domain easy to spell/write, this way, people won’t need to necessarily write it down to remember it.

Yes, you can use your domain, or purchase one from any supplier.

We guarantee that you will get the first draft created within 20-30 business days. Just be sure to send us all the required information first — that will speed up the development.

We’ll start the development by doing a briefing where you will outline your vision for the website. Then, once we present a draft of the website, you get two rounds of feedback to ask for any adjustments and improvements. The process is also overseen by a dedicated project manager that guarantees quality control.

You retain 100% ownership of the website. It’s yours for free. Just cover the essential running costs (for less than £30 per month).

Yes, for an extra fee. You can also purchase a web administration service that allows you to send us a task list every month, and we’ll manage your website for you. It’s only 50 eur per month to get us to look after, manage and change content on your website — or you can do all of that for free yourself with the content management system that we provide (it’s super simple to use).

No, we host your online store on WooCommerce — there are no transaction fees, so 100% of your proceeds go to you.